Book Covers

Despite the books theme, I din’t want to overly direct with blood. My solution was creating a stencil-like graphic with the splatters acting as an overspray. The publishers had no problem with this approach, and that effect remained throughout the series.

The final book I worked on in this series.

Inspired by my childhood playing the NES and Sega Master System, this was my first go at an 8-bit art style. The whole time I was making this, all I could think about was the computer game from the movie Big!

The front is a photo collage.


Various book covers. In all instances, a single cover was designed (and sometimes illustrated) with the idea of it being a one time cover (Off to be the Wizard was actually a re-design). Surprisingly, ALL books would later become the first in a series and the initial cover suddenly became the style guide! For the art direction of each, my only source of reference was the synopsis.


layout, design, illustration, art direction


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