Signal / $Bash 2016


For Signal 2016, I was tasked to come up with a cost-friendly giveaway item that encouraged attendees to visit all of the event sponsor booths. Since it was a developer conference, part of the pitch was to use a pixelated art style as an homage to 8-bit video games. Buttons with a sci-fi theme was chosen, and I then created all characters from a curated list. Despite the limitations of the art style, I was very pleased with the variety of looks I was able to achieve.

A secondary task was to create the signage (each over 7ft tall) for all of the games to be played at the $Bash afterparty. Staying with the retro video game theme, I created all graphics with the look and feel of Atari’s Asteroids.


pitched idea and completed all design and illustration






buttons, poster boards